Rise + Grind Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Cold Brew Warmer weather is on the horizon & that means cold brew season! What is cold brew? Cold brew is not to be confused with iced coffee. The main difference in these brew methods is temperature. Cold brew is coffee that is brewed with room temperature water & refrigerated. Iced coffee is coffee that is brewed with almost boiling water and then served over ice. Depending on the recipe, cold brew takes about 16 – 24 hours to make. The longer extraction period makes it less acidic than regularly …

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Meet Julia! Julia joined our barista team in April 2021 and is excited to explore the world of specialty coffee. She has an incredible work ethic and embraces the rise + grind life. When she’s not behind the bar you can find her at 1 of her other 3 part-time jobs. How do you take your coffee? > Iced, creamy & caffeinated Fun fact? > I don’t want no scrub What is your animal alter ego? > My dog, ruby I’ve always wanted to… > Have my last name pronounced …

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Intro to Aeropress

The Aeropress is the best on-the-go option if you don’t have access to a scale or temperature controlled kettle. As summer approaches, it’s a great option for a backcountry hike in the bush. It’s light weight, easy to clean & a relatively forgiving way to produce a consistent cup of coffee without all of the comforts of home.   Whether it’s weekends spent camping, work trip hotel rooms or just a single serve cup at the office, the aeropress brews up a delicious & inexpensive alternative to other solo cup …

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Pour Over

I’m excited to share my all-time favourite home brew method with you – Pour Over! This weekend might be a great time to experiment with new brew methods as it looks like winter is going to officially commence in SK. Heck! It happens every year… but man there’s nothing like that first round of subzero temperatures & driving snow or rain that always hits a little different. Pour over What is it? Why do we use it? How is it done? The pour over method involves pouring hot water over …

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Rise + Grind Espresso

Levelling up your French Press game

Hello! We’re going to chat about TWO ways to use your French Press to level up your home barista skills today. Although I prefer the pour over method, there are times of the year when I need hot-brown-caffeine-water, and I need hot-brown-caffeine-water fast! The press or immersion brewing as it’s also known, is a relatively inexpensive, easy and fast way to produce a pretty decent cup of coffee in a short amount of time. What you need: Fresh roasted coffee Colourless, odourless, chlorine free quality water Opt for a burr …

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